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Johannes Angermuller and Julian Hamann (2019): "The celebrity logics of the academic field. The unequal distribution of citation visibility of Applied Linguistics professors in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom." Zeitschrift für Diskursforschung 1/2019: 77-93.
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Abstract: This article investigates the distribution of citation visibility of Applied Linguistics professors in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. By comparing citation counts from Google Scholar, we reveal hyperinequalities between more and less visible professors. We register strong inequalities between English-, German- and French-language scholars as well within languages, especially within the English-language community. These inequalities bear witness to the celebrity logics in academia, i.e. the hyperunequal distribution of visibility between a few ?stars? and less visible other academics. We account for such inequalities in terms of ?discursive capitalism?, which designates the institutional transfer of value from the many citing to the few cited members in disciplinary communities.

Keywords: Academia, visibility, citations, field theory, subject positions, Applied Linguistics
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